Kourtney Reppert
Kourtney with a K . . .

Kourtney grew up in the small town of Leesport Pa, developing a deep love of an adventurous life for nature, sports and helping others. Whether it be about animals, people, nutrition, painting, writing poetry, movies, sports, she always questioned why.  Being the youngest child of four girls, it was easy for Kourtney to play dress up and sing in a hairbrush as the family’s entertainment, watching her act and put on plays in the living room. She was destined to entertain, with a competitive spirit and a passion for the arts, no one in her family could keep up with her energy. It was only when she got older she became more curious about life and all the adventures she would have!


Kourtney was quite the Tomboy growing up, having a pitching coach by the age of 12, playing just about every sport she could in the off season so she could stay in shape. It was in her blood to stay active and to compete. Kourtney’s first passion was playing softball, and made many memories with all her amazing teammates. She didn’t mind pitching back to back games in 100 degree heat, she lived for it. Which to some it would surprise, as she was voted to be “Next Miss America”, by her classmates in school.


She loved taking family vacations to a new exotic island each year with her family, and always wanted to explore and question her surroundings rather than just lying out for a tan, and with that she developed strong love for the ocean. She swam with dolphins and sharks; scuba dived and snorkeled the reefs, and even petted wild stingrays. On the land she rode RTV’s and took to the air parasailing. If it was an adventure Kourtney took the challenge, and loved anything with a slight risk involved. 


With now over 14 years in entertainment, commercial/fitness/editorial modeling, acting, makeup artistry, photography, stand in work, social media branding, Kourtney is a hands on Entrepreneur who wakes up every day with a plan of action on her goals and dreams to farther building her brand and business. Kourtney is one of those women always on the go…nothing is too small or large of a challenge for her. Kourtney’s diverse modeling images prove she isn’t just a pretty face. She is someone with actual branding talent who is not only a pleasure to work with in the creative arts field, but someone who can think outside of the box. Known all over as an American model, she has become a worldwide favorite among her peers, thanks to social media with her fans reaching now in the millions.


After her huge success in Philadelphia as being named “Phillies Hottest Blonde” from WMMR radio station, to “Flyer’s Hottest Fan”, she has since relocated to Los Angeles where her success has continued to grow. Working for Jessica Simpson personally as her stand in for all her Macy’s commercials, this has helped Kourtney pave the way in breaking into the Hollywood Entertainment industry.


Kourtney has worked for numerous National and International companies and has been featured in Sports Illustrated, Maxim and Maxim Radio, Fox Sports, Macy’s and Nordstrom’s catalog, Good Morning America, Nightline, Ricky Lake, MTV, The CW, Daily Show, Sunset Tan, and many more. It is no wonder she has become such an active model in her industry.


Kourtney ReppertAfter obtaining expertise in marketing and social media, Kourtney will be going back to school to tackle another adventure: enhancing and honing her knowledge in the world of business. She is a highly regarded business woman who has a lot of things on the horizon. Kourtney trains with her personal trainer three times a week, while maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.


There is no challenge a woman like Kourtney cannot overcome. She is a multi-tasker who wants to accomplish everything to better her life for herself and son. With a few setbacks, like gaining a stalker in 2012, it has not stopped the fight in Kourtney or her will for moving on and staying positive. We all know unfortunate things happen, but it is how you handle them after you have healed that matters.


Kourtney is a living breathing example of what a survivor is, who has raised her son gracefully alone three years and counting. It was a no brainer for Kourtney to raise her son, despite it not working out with his father. She has a strong love for children and has dedicated her life to being the best mother and person she can be to her son Maxson. She hopes as she guides him through life, and as he gets older, he understands just how much he has impacted her own life and how much she loves him.


Kourtney is determined to use her platform to making caring cool again; as she sets an example in giving back to charity work, her community volunteering, and dedication to other worth causes while setting an example she sets for herself. She is determined to make this world a better place, not only for her son, but for the future of others. It is no wonder that so many love Kourtney. She is one of the most genuine, caring, funny women out there, who has a kind and understanding heart that so many adore. Kourtney will be around to bring smiles on your faces for a long time coming, and appreciates all the support she gets from her fans, friends and family.

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