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Welcome to my first blog!! I am so excited that it’s finally here, so now I can share with you all my beauty tips, thoughts and help those who are always wondering about the hottest trends in beauty, fitness and beyond! Posting about micro-needling as my first blog is so perfectly fitting, as I’ve struggled with my skin for years since I was young. Dealing with acne, not having the proper knowledge in skincare, and overall just the years of damage from the sun and working with heavy makeup has put its toll on my skin. However, after getting introduced to Deborah from a mutual friend, I feel like she has helped save me and give me back the confidence I need to move forward and not feel so self conscious about how I look on camera. I stopped mentally breaking myself down, and comparing myself to others, as I know that’s never the way to make anyone feel better. Here is the breakdown of it all…


Customizing and fine tuning a successful treatment designed specifically to the individual lifestyle, skin type and problem areas are Deborah DePiano’s forte. Most skin care specialists offer a consultation but Deborah’s is different. It’s so detailed and customized right down to;


  • The specific treatment need to tackle problem areas
  • Analyzing the food and liquid intake and how our diet can play a role in our skin care
  • The environment we are exposed to including the best products and treatments for all seasons
  • Skin care routines are so well thought – incorporating days of travel and extended time in heavy make-up or harsh environments


All while working towards our common goal of maintaining youthful, glowing, flawless skin! Yay!


DePiano Skin is on a divine tree-lined street in an exclusive area of Beverly Hills (just off San Vicente) but you will feel like you are in a cozy little private oasis in her beautifully appointed salon. It’s inviting, calming and you’ll feel instantly relaxed the minute you arrive.


When meeting Deborah you’ll be questioning how long she’s been in the business. Coming up on 30 years as a licensed aesthetician and you’d think she started at 10! Deb is a glowing and an obvious perfect example of her experience and knowledge of skincare and defying age.


Deborah is a California local and she began her career as Director of the Skin Care Department at Camden Aesthetic Associations, a group plastic surgery practice in Beverly Hills, doing facial treatments and product consultations for patients before and after their procedures. At the same time, she began a lifetime of skin care research on her own – that included studies at advanced spa programs at Montecatini Termé, Golden Door and Cal-a-Vie – becoming well-versed in both chemical-based and organic skin solutions as well as equipment, treatments and technologies.

DePiano Skin; her own gorgeous salon was born in 1996. Word spread about her customized programs – for both women and men – that combined the latest in skin care science, beauty and technology. In April 1999, American Spa magazine voted DePiano Skin’s Oxygen Facial as one of the Top 7 Facials in the industry.

So many more accolades (featured in Allure & Vogue, Director of Skin at The Sunset Tower Hotel, and the go-to expert for Los Angeles top plastic surgeons working with high profile celebrities from all over the world). What stands out is her dedication, expert knowledge and genuine care for great skin.



DePiano Skin Treatment for Kourtney

Micro-needling or Micro-channeling is the most talked about new treatment for fine lines, scarring and wrinkles, rough texture and pigmentation. Micro-needling create thousands of tiny pathways into the epidermis creating a prime opportunity to apply growth factors to really regenerate and heal the skin. It is minimally invasive and the overall result is a youthful glow. The goal is to stimulate new collagen growth and make the skin look much smoother and more refined. Micro-needling is the leader in stimulating new collagen and elastin growth and today, it is becoming quite popular thanks to its unique ability to fade scars, revive sluggish skin, and rejuvenate the overall complexion.


 During micro-needling, a series of ultra-thin needles are injected into the dermis and epidermis. These micro wounds tell the body to start repairing itself, and as a result, collagen and elastin begin to regenerate. These tiny perforations also allow the introduction of important growth factors and vitamins guaranteeing that they will be well absorbed.

For Kourtney we are focusing on scarring and so far her skin is responding beautifully. Results are almost immediate but lasting, more impactful results are noticed after multiple treatments. Kourtney’s treatments will be once per month to maximize the best results. Depending on the level of problem areas, someone with younger skin can benefit from 3 – 5 treatments. Others with deeper pigmentation, scarring or wrinkles can expect up to 6 – 8 treatments. Customization to each individual skin type is key for getting the best result from this treatment.

When you hear ‘needling’ you’d think that there would be pain, redness and irritation to the skin- its minimal and short lived and the treatment will show a small amount of swelling and leave a sun-kissed look but this reduces quickly with follow up care.

In addition to this treatment, and the best way to complement the results, Deborah designed a great home care regime to enhance the treatment and ensure lasting results.



So what is different about DePiano Skin’s Micro-needling? Well, it is THE Platinum Hollywood Two Hour Micro-needling luxury customized, revolutionary facial treatment that rocks! For Kourtney, we are using specialize ampules – a specifically designed serum for healing, calming and regenerating the skin. These ampules, containing PRP (platelet rich plasma) are used during the treatment and you leave with them so you can apply them at home so the excellence continues.



Come visit DePiano Skin for some of the best micro-needling in Los Angeles can lay claim to.

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